Health and Safety
Health and Safety 

Health and Safety

Adecco’s Health & Safety program is second to none in the Staffing industry. We have seen significant improvement in the overall Health & Safety program and culture as a direct result of proactive injury reduction through ongoing programs and a focus on return to work.

We work with our clients to ensure that all worksites are safe and that our associates are never asked to do something that would put them at risk. As
well, we have partnered with clients to develop safety programs that are customized to their requirements.

Our in-house team is dedicated to the management of the workers compensation process and is constantly reviewing and improving our program to ensure we remain as the leaders in this area.

Successful program components

  • Training: Health and Safety orientation, additional training programs and on-site corrections.

  • Accountability: Fostering a culture of increased accountability with all associates.

  • Accident Investigation: Participation in a re-enactment to define contributing incident factors.

  • Participation: Established the Joint Health and Safety Committee.

  • Managing New & Young Worker Program: Wristband initiative to provide additional support.

  • Trend Analysis: Reviewing high frequency incidents by department and by site.

  • Dedicated Team: Health and Safety Specialists who determine trends & identify hazards.