At Adecco Canada, we actively seek affiliations with community organizations whose values align with ours. In fact, because of our dedication to employment equity and diversity, we have created a Canadian diversity committee dedicated to building those affiliations to better serve the communities we work in.

Some of those affiliations include: COSTI, YWCA, Native Women’s Association of Canada, and many more.

For more information about our diversity partnerships or to get involved, please contact Megan Wickens.


Jessica Rowen  

LGBTQ Representative
Michelle Nolan, Partnership Manager – Brampton, ON

Michelle is actively involved in the LGBTQ community with a vested interest in ensuring equal opportunity employment. She is also focused on building meaningful relationships with LGBTQ organizations to support the community from an employment perspective.


Sultana Lalani  

Minority Representative
Sultana Lalani, National Account Manager – Toronto, ON

Sultana has been involved in Adecco’s diversity committee since its inception. During that time, she has secured alliances with several new immigrant organizations and worked closely with these groups to find gainful employment for new Canadians.



Megan Wickens  

Women Representative
Megan Wickens, Roevin Branch Manager – Edmonton, AB

Megan is a member of the Edmonton chapter of Women in Leadership. Whenever possible, she partners with her clients to recognize the empowerment of women in the workplace. In the past, engineering and technology has primarily been a male dominant environment, the stigma around women in these types of roles is lifting and she is working to promote a healthy gender balance at all client sites.


Grace Choueiry  

Mature Workers Representative
Grace Choueiry, Branch Manager – Ottawa, ON

Grace has been with Adecco for 27 years. In her almost three decade career in recruitment, she has worked with mature workers that are re-entering the workforce by providing them with flexible opportunities that suit their new lifestyle. In most cases this means she works closely with mature workers to build their practical working experience in a field that differs from their original career, or helps them to see how their soft skills can transfer.