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Adecco CA - Our Specialty Divisions 

Specialty Brands


Adecco is the leading provider of recruitment solutions and HR services in the world. Within Canada, Adecco has a network of over 50 branches, servicing thousands of Canadian organizations each day by providing the top talent they need to succeed in today’s competitive market. Adecco employs several thousand candidates in temporary positions daily and provides thousands more with permanent work opportunities annually.

Adecco Finance

Adecco Finance specializes in the recruitment of accounting and finance experts. Equipped with firsthand knowledge of the financial services market, our recruiters identify, screen, and recruit hard-to-reach talent for a variety of specialized roles including but not limited to, CFOs, Treasurers, Accounting Managers, Bookkeepers, and Auditors.

Adecco Professional

In order to source the ideal candidate, Adecco Professional provides a professional recruitment solution that includes getting to know your business, market, and corporate culture intimately. Our unparalleled office staffing services mean you get not only the most skilled employees, but those that best fit in with your team. Areas of specialization include: Operations Management, Logistics, Executive Assistance, Office Management, Project Management, Administrative Assistance, and more.


Roevin is a global leader in the recruitment of engineering, technical, IT, and skilled trades personnel. Roevin has been specializing in the supply of independent contractors and temporary personnel for more than 40 years. Employing dedicated recruitment teams with specialized industry knowledge, Roevin's flexible human resource solutions support the varying demand cycles for technical talent in today's modern businesses and allows Roevin to assist some of the world's top organizations to optimize resources, improve productivity and exceed their financial goals.