Submit your timesheet
Submit your timesheet

Your timesheet

Although you will be doing work for a variety of Adecco clients, we are your employer. Your timecard and paycheque are processed by Adecco, and your Adecco Representative is your contact for all work assignments. He or she is there to answer your questions or to help solve any problems that might arise.

Instructions for recording your time worked:

  • At the end of your work week, you must record your time for all hours worked.
  • It is your responsibility to record your time fully and accurately before submitting it to the  client representative for approval. When required, you should record the in/out time or total time attributed to your meal period. If you are not being provided a meal or rest break to which you are entitled, advise your Adecco Representative immediately.
  • Include in your hours worked all time spent changing in and out of your client required apparel at work (including uniforms and equipment), travel time required by your assignment (other than commuting time), and time waiting on client security lines. Please notify your Adecco Representative if you have questions regarding what time should be recorded.
  • In order to ensure that your paycheque is accurate you must record your time completely and without errors. To ensure prompt and accurate payment you must record your hours worked using one of our convenient time entry methods:

1. Entering hours via the telephone.

Hours must be entered via the telephone by Sunday at midnight by calling the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) line at. 1.888.325.7020

You will need the last 4 digits of your social insurance number, and your assignment number (obtained from your Adecco Representative). Follow the automated instructions provided.

2. Entering hours via the internet.

Hours must be entered via the internet by Sunday at midnight by typing into your internet browser. The first time you use the system, you will register as a New user using the last 4 digits of your social insurance number as your pin. Once you have created a logon and password you will follow instructions provided to record your time weekly.

3. To view your paystub

To view your paystub please click on the following link:

Time Approval Procedures

  • It is your responsibility to record your time worked and ensure client approval.
  • If Adecco’s client approves your weekly hours electronically, please make sure your hours are entered into one of the listed time capture methods by Sunday at midnight. If you are unsure, contact your Adecco Representative.

Safety Tip

Know the hazards of your job and how they can be controlled- its your right to know!  Ask a Supervisor and/or your Adecco Staffing Coordinator if you are unsure.