Adecco's Forklift Upskilling Program

Forklift Upskilling Program

TheAdecco forklift upskilling program

As the world’s leading HR talent solutions provider, Adecco believes in training for employability.

Our partnership with Raymond Johnston Equipment, supported by the Adecco Group US Foundation, funds the upskilling of exceptional Adecco associates at the general labour level into certified forklift operators so they can move into higher paying positions and fill the need for skilled labour in the market.

Adecco's Forklift Upskilling Program

Upskill your workforce

We're delighted to offer our clients a customizable, onsite forklift training program to help close critical skills gaps and future-proof workforces.

With customized training content specific to your organization’s industry, operational needs and equipment, the program transforms the general labour workforce into a pipeline for skilled positions.

Your investment

Space needed on site to facilitate classroom and hands-on or virtual training.

Partner with Adecco to pay associates during eight-hour training session.

Collaborate to career path upskilled associates into higher paying skilled positions.

Why upskill?

Skills are a currency in today’s job market.

Our nationwide upskilling initiatives aim to improve productivity, enhance engagement and drive cost savings through retention.

Collaborate with us to pinpoint the skills you need and customize a training plan.

Launch onsite, tailored skills development and measure your success every step of the way.

Close critical skills gaps, reduce hiring costs and improve employee retention.

Partner with Adecco to conduct a talent audit and map a personalized upskilling and reskilling solution.

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Adecco's Forklift Upskilling Program

Earn your forklift operation license

Become an essential part of the factory of the future! Thanks to Adecco's upskilling initiative in partnership with Raymond Johnston Equipment, you can become certified in the operation of powered industrial trucks (i.e., forklifts, lift trucks, etc.), move into higher paying positions and fill the need for skilled labour in the market.

Adecco's Forklift Upskilling Program

Train in virtual reality

Raymond Johnston Equipment combines hands on practical training along with Virtual Reality Simulations in the certification program. Incorporating VR training has resulted in 70-90% increase in retention of key skills obtained and decreases turnover.