There's a job for everyone. That's what we believe, and we're absolutely committed to it. We make sure that everyone has opportunities, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, age or disability as well as other protected grounds.

Diversity means we’re open to different kinds of people and ideas. Every day, we help all sorts of people from all over the world find great jobs in Canada. It's our way of upholding Adecco’s commitment to the entire workforce, which strengthens companies and communities alike.

We practice what we preach, not only in our own hiring but also in the community. We have a diversity committee dedicated to forming local partnerships with organizations that offer advice and help job seekers of all kinds. Immigrants, indigenous people, mature workers and women reentering the workforce, new graduates, people with disabilities, and many others.


There’s a good chance you know one or more of our local partners. After all, we have about 100! The YWCA, services for new Canadians, multicultural groups, indigenous associations, women’s networks, LGBTQ advocates, community colleges... if you’ve been in touch with one of them, we probably have too.  

What else? Well, because we’re the biggest staffing agency in Canada, we have jobs all over -- in big cities, small towns and remote communities. In all these places, we try very hard to fill jobs with talented, motivated and skilled people who reflect local demographics.

Does it all matter? Absolutely! Our commitment to diversity:

Opens up more opportunities to job seekers

Makes more talent available to employers

Helps instill more confidence in workers

And, yes, it makes a big difference.

For more information about our diversity partnerships or to get involved, please contact Megan Wickens.