The end of the 9-5? Gig economy blooms as more professionals embrace flexible working

  • For 54% surveyed in the Adecco Group research joining the gig economy is a lifestyle and career choice
  • Gig economy attracting highly-skilled, experienced professionals
  • Governments and companies must do more to unleash full potential of gig economy
  • The Adecco Group’s YOSS freelancer market place went live today in France

Zurich, Switzerland, November 14, 2017: More skilled professionals are rejecting the 9-5 and embracing the gig economy as a long-term career and lifestyle choice according to global research by the Adecco Group and LinkedIn.

The study Flexible Working: a career and life-style pathway supports evidence that we are entering a new economic era where flexible working is becoming an attractive part of the status quo, rather than a stopgap solution.

The Adecco Group research found that 54 percent of independent workers had embraced flexible working by choice to meet their personal needs and goals. Only 36 percent regarded it as a stopgap between direct, permanent roles.

About 15 million contractors are currently active in the US and Europe. According to LinkedIn data, a great share of those now forging careers in the gig economy are highly-skilled professionals, who are in part looking to achieve a healthier work-life balance. 91% of the independent workers’ profiles on the social network are in their middle to late careers.”.

Furthermore, the Adecco Group’s research also revealed that 82 percent of 18-26 year olds in flexible work aspired to be in independent employment, with 89 percent seeing it as a long-term career path.

“Flexible working offers a huge and exciting opportunity for everyone in a rapidly-changing world of work. The emerging gig economy has the potential to grow to three times the size of the temporary staffing market,” said the Adecco Group CEO Alain Dehaze.

“However, much more has to be done at policy level to support independent workers, from fairer legislation and social benefits to providing better training. Flexible workers are shaping the future of the work. It is time to dispel the myths, remove the barriers and help them get there.”

The Adecco Group is urging government and corporate policy to provide the same rights and conditions for flexible workers as those enjoyed by direct, permanent employees, especially in areas such as social benefits, annual leave, pensions and insurance.

Today, YOSS – a pioneering digital marketplace developed with Microsoft to connect freelancers and large companies – went live in France. YOSS gives freelancers access to the world’s biggest companies, guaranteed payment within 72 hours, opt-ins to social benefits and end-to-end administration. Backed by two industry leaders, YOSS offers companies access to freelancer talent, visibility of spending, best-in-class compliance and data protection.

Download here the survey ‘Flexible Working - A career and lifestyle pathway’
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About ‘Flexible working: a career building and lifestyle pathway’

The study draws on three previously unpublished surveys conducted by the Adecco Group and LinkedIn:

  • The Adecco Group’s Global Survey, which in spring 2017 asked 102,160 company associates in 38 countries and 48 business units their motivations for engaging in short term employment;
  • “Understanding What Working Independently Means” – a qualitative survey, undertaken by InSites Consulting on behalf of the Adecco Group, which asked 90 people aged 18-26, who came from every global region, about their views of independent work and independent workers; and
  • LinkedIn’s analysis of 4 million members, in the same 38 countries, who have: self-identified as contractors; indicated they are looking for contracting work; or were identified by LinkedIn’s proprietary algorithm as being contractors – based on profile elements and job seeking patterns that suggest engagement in short-term, professional engagements outside of full-time employment. The profiles analyzed were a representative subset of the full contractor member base on LinkedIn, with sufficiently complete profiles to take part in the study. The analysis looked at aggregated data from LinkedIn on these members’ demographics, professional and academic backgrounds, skills, and engagement within the platform - as well as professional ambitions captured from LinkedIn’s annual member survey “LinkedIn Global Talent Trends.” This information was also compared to a demographically similar group of professionals with open-ended employment contracts.

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