Fast and eager learner

You’re curious. You try different ways of doing things. You’re open to new perspectives and ideas. You can work in a fast-paced environment and adapt to new and changing situations. You’re a quick learner and a self-starter.

Not intimidated by complex problems

You have strong analytical skills and know how to prioritize. You can solve important issues under pressure, while coming up with original ideas and solutions.


Building relationships and strong connections is second nature to you. Your self-awareness allows you to adapt your communication to the emotions and behaviours of others.

Resilience and drive

You’re ambitious. You have the resilience and drive to achieve results. When things get tough, you push through and won’t stop until you accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

Leadership and ownership

You exhibit leadership in your work, school and extracurricular activities. You have a track record for taking on challenges and being successful. You can identify potential opportunities and action them accordingly.

Team player

You know how to work cohesively in a team environment. But, when needed, you can take the lead and mobilize teams for action. You always try to be the best for the team.


With a strong customer focus, you come up with innovative and effective solutions. Your problem-solving skills are phenomenal. Thinking like an entrepreneur comes naturally to you and you’ve dabbled in running your own business (or 2!).


Working with diverse groups comes naturally to you. You are compassionate and know how to accommodate the needs of others. You’ve studied a semester abroad, worked outside of Canada or can speak more than one language.