There’s a crew for you.

There's a crew for you

Need to hire crew members, supervisors or managers? Starting a new restaurant? Fill out the form to hire crew now or learn more below.

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About Adecco 


We’re one of the world’s leading recruitment solutions companies, with a presence in over 60 countries. In Canada, we have 35+ locations (plus remote capabilities!) and every week, we serve 550+ clients and send 5,490+ associates out to work. We’re already working with McDonald’s in the US and Europe, and we’re delighted to partner with McDonald’s Canada to provide full-cycle recruitment nationally and provincially.


What can I expect from my experience with Adecco?

McDonald's crew

How does Adecco hire?

We leverage every resource available to us as a global solutions company to find, screen and hire the country’s best talent. Some of those resources include:

  • Vetted, qualified candidate database
  • Specialized SEM campaigns and paid ads
  • Organic social media traffic
  • Local grassroots and networking contacts
  • Referral programs and attendance bonuses
  • Competitive salary, benefits and perks
  • McDonald’s Canada co-branded recruitment page

We tailor our recruitment strategies to reflect the demographics, wage expectations and candidate availability of the local markets where McDonald’s operators need our support. We scale our efforts to match your hiring needs.

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How does Adecco ensure a good fit for your crew?

We screen our candidates thoroughly to ensure they’re the right fit for your crew, long term. A brief overview of our screening process is:

  1. Telephone pre-screening
  2. In-person/virtual interview
  3. Knowledge, skills and ability testing
  4. Background & reference checks
  5. Ready to work!

How long will it take to get talent?

When you submit a request for talent using the form below, you can expect an average time-to-fill of up to 8 business days. Broken down, that looks like:

Up to 5 business days from sourcing to submission


Up to 3 business days from submission to hire (dependent solely on availability and responsiveness of the hiring manager)

Allow up to 2 weeks for start dates (notice period)


Of course, every market is different! Our time-to-fill estimates are based on a fully rolled-out program with completed intake, implementation and strategy alignment.

What if the person I hire through Adecco doesn’t work out?

The Adecco-McDonald’s Canada Program includes a 30-day guarantee on every placement. That means if it doesn’t work out within the guarantee period, we’ll replace the crew member at no charge. Plus, you’ll have 6 months to use your free replacement credit.

McDonald's crew

I need to hire crew—what do I do?

You need crew? Your dedicated delivery team at Adecco can help with that!

Simply fill out the form below to tell us about the new hires you need. Then, we’ll deploy our state-of-the-art sourcing strategies to attract, recruit and retain them for you.

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General FAQ 

What’s the difference between McHire & Adecco?

Adecco sources directly from the market for passive candidates, leverages Adecco job boards, licenses and partnerships and provides McDonald’s with access to our national candidate database. McHire is a talent attraction tool which allows you to pull talent only through the McDonald’s website from job seekers who apply.

Do I need to have a contract in place to request talent from Adecco?

Yes, each Franchisee will sign a Franchisee Agreement. It’s a very quick process and only required once. This agreement has already been vetted by McDonald’s corporate and Adecco.

Are there any guarantees with the placements made by Adecco?

Yes – it varies by role level but the minimum guarantee period is 30 days. If we aren’t successful at refilling the role right away, you will have 6 months to use your free replacement.

What if I don’t need all the services offered in the package?

You can select whatever services that you need support on from the request form below. The fee doesn’t change regardless of how many or how few tasks are performed.

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