You get more than a staffing agency.


We don’t tell you what you need. You tell us. Then, together, we’ll come up with a staffing plan or workforce solution that will grow with you.


A lot of recruitment agencies only match resumes to job requirements. We take it further. You also get our strategic workforce advice.


Need 5 people? Or do you need 5,000? We’re on it. With access to one of the largest candidate databases, you get the right people for the right jobs, right away.

Our candidates.

The candidates you meet are more than a good fit on paper. They’ve been interviewed to make sure they have the right personality traits, too.

  • Positive and optimistic
  • Motivation to do the job
  • Flexible and adaptable to change
  • Professional conduct
  • Good communication skills
  • Reliability to get the job done

Our sourcing methods.

There’s more than one way to build the best network of qualified candidates. We use a combination of traditional and progressive sourcing methods.

  • Referrals
  • Job fairs and open houses
  • Professional organization partnerships
  • Candidate referral programs
  • Online job postings and job boards
  • Social media recruiting
  • Simple desktop and mobile applications
  • Partnerships with community groups
  • Local newspaper campaigns

Verification & prescreening.

You can be sure that, by the time you meet one of our candidates, they’ve been through a really thorough screening process.

  • Behavioural interviews
  • Skills testing (including aptitude assessments)
  • Employer reference checks
  • Employment eligibility
  • Government security clearances (at your request)
  • Criminal background (at your request)
  • Credit checks (at your request)
  • Controlled Goods verification (at your request)
  • Personality assessments (at your request)

Where do you need people?

Wherever you are, or wherever you want to go, chances are we have an office nearby. Look us up and reach out to us today.

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