Empowering Women in the Workplace

This Women’s History Month, let's start harnessing the boundless potential of women workers. 

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A group of diverse women smiling.

At Adecco, we're passionate about supporting all workers. And we won't accept that women should wait a moment longer for an equal place in the labour market. Now, more than ever, we need women back in the workforce, sitting at every board table, involved in designing every piece of software, and bringing their fresh perspectives to challenge and refine every decision that impacts our lives.

That's why we're getting right behind She Did, So Now I Can, the theme of this year’s Canadian Women’s History Month.

In this paper, we share:

  • What gender bias is and how it shows up in the workplace.
  • How gender bias can impact critical HR decision-making.
  • What you can do about bias in your company.

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