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How to On-board remote employees

Our new normal has brought a new reality — welcoming new hires through virtual on-boarding. We get that this is new territory for most and that’s why we’ve created a Virtual Launch Program packed with copious amounts of guidance, tips and resources designed to give you peace of mind and your new employees the best on-boarding experience — even if it’s remotely.

Our virtual on-boarding guide

We’ve done the planning and organization to help you prepare the revamp of your on-boarding process to adapt to the current (physically distant) reality.

  • New hire checklists for the first day and beyond
  • Sample weekly and monthly on-boarding and learning schedules
  • New hire welcome and employee announcement email templates
  • Technology checklist and resources
  • Guidance on how to keep new employees engaged and excited throughout the process

The benefits of virtual on-boarding

Our virtual on-boarding guide will help you lay the ground work to implement this new process and pave the way to:

Set your new employees up for success

Fully integrate them into your team’s dynamic

Boost productivity, engagement and retention

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