Networking? Training? Coaching? Yes, yes and yes!

Make connections

The right connections can take you farther faster. From professional associations to executive offices, we’ve got connections at the highest level. Why don’t you use them to boost your career?

Find your fit

Think about what hole you want to fill. A business looking for new blood. An organization looking for an expert. A start-up looking for a disruptor. A crisis looking for a big save. OK. Let us help you fill that need.

Gain a coach

With your know-how and track record, you need coaching, not training. Our advisors are the best you can get. They have access to all the best rosters across the country, and can help you make your play to get on one.

  • Professional connections
  • Unique opportunities
  • Great-fitting positions
  • Career support
  • Temporary & permanent
  • Attractive compensation

Three steps to your next job

Let’s get down to basics here. You want a job. We want to help you find one. The right one. Right? Here’s a really brief summary of how we do it:

  1. Review your experience

  2. Prep you for interviews

  3. Match you with jobs

Professional & executive positions

You win, we win. Yes, it's all about the prize. That's why we work our you-know-what off to build relationships with great client companies in lots of different industries. In fact, pretty much every industry in Canada. They all need leadership and professional skills in the following roles:

  • Vice President & Executive
  • Director
  • Senior Manager
  • Legal Professional
  • Consultant