A better career in retail and sales? Yes please!

Get new opportunities

Well, you must get exciting, new opportunities in order to move up. Fortunately, you'll find many at both storefront and online retailers.

Find your fit

You know the feeling when a customer exits the dressing room wearing the perfect-fitting dress? Well, you'll try on the perfect-fitting job in no time.

Gain a career coach

You want a customer to last a lifetime, right? That's how we see things. So with us, you'll gain a career coach for life—or as long as you work.

  • New connections
  • Career opportunities
  • The best-fitting jobs
  • Awesome companies
  • Job flexibility
  • Great pay and benefits

Three steps to your next job

It doesn't matter if you're an associate or a manager, you'll go through a painless process where we do the following:

  1. Review your application

  2. Prep you for interviews

  3. Match you with jobs

Retail and sales positions

You name the location and position, and we’ve got it. Seriously. We have that many connections. You'll be on the floor or behind a computer selling away before you know it. Some of the most common positions we fill are:

  • Account Executive
  • Inside Sales
  • Outside Sales
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Call Center
  • Sales Support
  • Retail Associate
  • Stock Clerk
  • Telemarketer
  • Store Operations Lead
  • Retail Store Customer Service Representative
  • Retail Host/Greeter
  • District Retail Sales Manager
  • Retail Store Manager
  • Retail Store Manager Assistant
  • Regional Sales Manager