How to Eliminate Those Post-Vacation Blues

Sadly, all great vacations must come to an end. Whether it was spent binging on Netflix and junk food, lying on a beach or exploring a new country, getting back to your “regular” routine after time off can feel near impossible. Don’t let your return to reality ruin your great summer memories; follow our seven tips and return to work as the new and improved you!

Relaxed worker

1. Return to work mid-week

There is nothing worse than returning from vacation to a full work week. Instead, try to ease yourself back into the swing of things by scheduling your return mid-week. Not only will the partial week let you catch up on emails and voicemails, it will act as a transitional period from relaxation to a full work load.

Productivity tip: Use your last day of vacation to mentally prepare for your return. Get a good nights’ rest to be in top shape for your day of work ahead!

2. Get a fresh start

Think of your return to work as a clean slate: a fresh beginning after your time off to re-focus on your career. Use this fresh start to develop healthy work habits. Get yourself organized and set goals for your professional development.

Productivity tip: Organize your email inbox. Unsubscribe and unfollow unwanted spam email. This will keep your email more organized and save you time on filtering through unnecessary content.

3. Start small

Tackling a large project right off the bat will leave you overwhelmed and unproductive. Instead, pick something small to check off your to-do list. The sense of accomplishment from finishing that small task will motivate you to tackle your next bigger project.

Productivity tip – Try making yourself a to-do list. Crossing off even the smallest of tasks can be a visual stimulant for productivity.

4. Set realistic but firm deadlines

Setting deadlines at work is a great way to hold yourself accountable for your productivity. But when returning to work after a vacation, it’s important to cut yourself some slack with the transition. Add some buffer time to your deadlines to accommodate your post-vacation working speed. Meeting these deadlines will motivate you while gradually increasing your productivity.

Productivity tip: Take control of your calendar. Not only will it help you stay organized with due dates, meetings or application deadlines, keeping your calendar updated helps you schedule uninterrupted work periods to supercharge your productivity.

5. Return to your healthy diet

Food for thought: was your vacation spent indulging in rich foods and maybe even alcoholic beverages? Counter that poor diet by returning to work with a healthy lunch and snacks. Better nutrition can provide the energy and concentration required to conquer your return to work!

Did you know – A poor diet can lead to fatigue, decreased mental effectiveness, higher levels of stress and depression and decreased productivity.

6. Limit your social media intake

Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram can make the return to reality increasingly painful. With a plethora of imagery from family and friends of vacation and adventures, it’s easy to feel extra disappointed that your time off has come to an end. Limiting your social media intake upon your return to work can help you maintain focus and avoid those post-vacation blues.

Productivity tip: Set a couple hours a day away from your electronic devices or opt to turn your phone’s data off at work to avoid distracting notifications.

7. Reward yourself with breaks

Don’t try to be the office hero. It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to be caught up in your first day back. Rushing to catch up can quickly undo those vacation vibes, leaving you stressed and burnt out. Make sure to reward your accomplishments (big or small) with healthy breaks. Grab a healthy treat from the fridge or take a midday walk to get some fresh air.

Productivity tip: Take a break when things get good, like after you’ve accomplished a goal or set an action plan. This will help motivate you to go back to work after your break.

Vacations are intended to refresh and re-focus. Don’t let the end of your vacation leave you depressed. Look at your return to work as a new beginning and watch your productivity and professional development soar!

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