Discover everything you need to know to ace your next job interview. Our expert advice about preparing for interview questions and making a good impression will make it easier for you to land a job!

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Beat job interview nerves with these effective confidence tips

The key to interviewing with confidence is preparation. There are 3 tips you need to keep in mind during your job interview. Breathe in, breathe out, and follow our advice.

Kick away those nerves
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Questions you should ask in a job interview to leave a good impression

Take note of these key questions to show your interest and stand out in your next job interview. Remember that it´s not only the recruiter that should ask questions!

Go in prepared
Telephone interview question and answer examples: Middle aged businessman working from home
Phone interview questions and best answers

A phone interview is usually your first point of contact with a company. Preparing yourself for common questions in the best way to get to the next stage of interviews!

Get your questions ready
“Interview over video call: answering personality interview questions
How to answer personality questions in a job interview

It can be hard to answer personality questions, but if you know how to prepare for them, you’ll make a great impression in your next job interview. Implement these insider tips.

Put your best foot forward
Two young men and a young woman getting ready for a job interview
Most common interview questions and how to answer them

Don't know what questions you'll be asked at your next interview? We rounded up a complete list of the most common job interview questions every interviewer asks.

Impress your hiring manager
Young professional on job interview: how to prepare for a job interview
The best prep kit for a successful job interview

Forget the stress. With this prep kit you will know the best way to convey your strengths. Focus on what's important and face that interview like never before.

Ready, set, hired!
Young woman waiting in a hall sitting in modern office: how to follow up after an interview
How to follow up with your recruiter after a job interview

Contacting your potential employer after a job interview could help you land the job if you do it correctly. Implement these tips to know how to follow up after your next interview!

You got this
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How to answer behavioural questions for new grads

Behavioural questions can catch you off guard, especially if you're a new graduate with little work experience. Follow these tips to give your interviewer useful answers.

Don’t get thrown off

Most Common Interview Questions

TAG expert talk: Most common interview questions, part 1
Part 1: The interview basics

These are the questions your interviewer will likely ask you. Prepare your answers and get ready to come across as the right person for the job.

Get interview ready
TAG expert talk: Most common interview questions, part 2
Part 2: Interviewing yourself

In this second part, learn about questions regarding your past and future that your potential employer might ask you.

Ask the right questions
TAG expert talk: Most common interview questions, part 3
Part 3: Answering tough questions

This is the third and final part of the series. Here you will learn how to answer the most difficult questions that might come up in a job interview.

Be ready to own it


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