#Win4Youth: An update from triathlon training camp

The Win4Youth program brings Adecco Group employees, associates and clients together to share their passion for sport and to have a positive impact on the lives of young people around the world. Anne Nguyen is one of two members of our Canadian Adecco Group family selected to represent the Win4Youth program at the Ocean Lava triathlon in Lanzarote, Spain. Here, she talks about her experience at the Adecco Group training camp in Ghent, Belgium, which helped prepare her for the triathlon in October.

Anne Nguyen

Training camp in Belgium was nothing like I expected but everything I could have wanted. In the days leading up to the training camp, I was extremely nervous that I wasn’t at the level I wanted to be with swimming, running or biking. I regretted not starting my training sooner as I felt that I wasn’t on par with the other ambassadors. But that feeling quickly went away when I started training with my fellow ambassadors. Everyone was so supportive and the trainers catered to each participant’s level. Truly, everyone was on their own journey. What made it even better was that everyone cheered each other on. Just imagine: 74 ambassadors from 34 different countries all coming together and rooting for each other!

And that’s what really helped me during my time in Belgium. Over the four days I spent in Ghent, I achieved so much more than I thought I could thanks to the valuable instruction and advice from talented trainers, incredible support from my fellow ambassadors, and a whole lot of hard work!

The Eddy Merckx cycling track

This was the event I had been most dreading. I had watched videos of the circular cycling track and pretty much scared myself into not wanting to do it. It didn’t help that the bikes don’t have brakes! As we waited to go on the track, we could hear people fall while riding their bikes, which also didn’t help my fears. I didn’t go very fast or high on the track, but I conquered my fears and did it!

Seminars & Workshops

We attended a series of seminars during the training camp. My favourite was the Mental Training seminar, which taught us strategies to overcome our mental blocks — tools that I used in the mini triathlon later in the day!

Mock Triathlon and the Impossible Wetsuit

We started off the workshop by trying on our wet suits. I think this was the hardest obstacle I had had to overcome to date ☺. I needed the help of two trainers to help me get into the suit! Then, when the mini-triathlon started, I don’t think there was a single person who didn’t scream when getting into the water — it was freezing! At this point, I didn’t realize how different swimming in a lake is from swimming in a pool. I struggled and had to do the back stroke for most of the distance.

After the swim, we pulled off our wetsuits and hopped on bikes. While the scenery was beautiful, we biked around town dripping wet so all I could think about was how cold I was. Then, we ran around the lake. Normally after 1.5 to 2 kilometres, I would give up and walk. But I used the mental training to power through and I didn’t stop once (except when I tripped over a branch — haha). Nothing felt better than crossing that finish line. I literally went from zero athletic ability to junior triathlete that day.

10K City Run

In the afternoon, we participated in a city-wide 10km run. While I dreaded going on it, it was a great experience to see the city and finish with my fellow ambassadors cheering me on.

If you’re a colleague or associate at the Adecco Group in Canada, and you’re considering becoming an ambassador in 2019, please reach out to me and Christian. It’s an awesome experience; the energy of the training camp was amazing. I went from not knowing anyone to making lifelong friends from around the world. I still feel the energy and excitement of the training camp. I continually feel supported by my fellow ambassadors and I cannot wait to reunite with them in Lanzarote in October. Plus, it’s all for a great cause.

I know these next few months will prove to be challenging. But I also know that as each day passes, I will get stronger and better. I am so excited to see where I am in October and how this new chapter in my life will continue to unfold.

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