The Future of Mental Well-Being: How Snapclarity is changing the face of virtual care

Terri Storey

Terri Storey is a leader and visionary in the field of mental health with more than 20 years of leadership expertise and experience. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Snapclarity, Terri is revolutionizing the way mental healthcare is delivered and treated. She founded Snapclarity to make mental health more accessible and effective for everyone.

The easy-to-use Snapclarity app delivers a rapid, clinically validated assessment for early mental health risk identification, personalized care plans, guided navigation and self-selection of the right mental healthcare treatment. This novel technology also features an algorithm that matches each person with multiple mental healthcare options with digital and live human coaches, enabling the right support at the right time. This includes the ability to connect in real-time with a therapist or the on-demand health team when required. This proactive and preventative approach to mental healthcare strengthens resilience, offers customized and timely solutions, and expedites treatment. It enables everyone to readily acquire the support they need and take control of their own mental health.

The Reality of Mental Healthcare

Mental healthcare runs on a 40-year-old system that was not designed to share data, work together, or learn from one another. As a result, we are left with disconnected pieces and incredibly frustrating experiences. Even with all the education and energy invested in wellness research and programs today, outcomes are not changing.

The current mental health system does not adequately address how we operate as individuals today. This challenge impacts everything from the well-being of society, to the productivity of businesses, to the efficiency of our healthcare system. This fundamental gap has driven Snapclarity to be one of the first companies in the digital space to tackle the monumental challenge of fixing how mental healthcare is both accessed and delivered. Snapclarity’s belief in prioritizing mental healthcare means it will constantly innovate to meet the ever-evolving needs of society.

Recognizing a need in the market

Recognizing a need in the market

Terri is inspired by every single Canadian who suffers from mental illness directly and indirectly. She strives to break down barriers, eliminate stigma and change how mental healthcare has been treated for 40 years. Terri will continue to make accessibility a top priority while advocating for change in how society approaches mental healthcare treatment. Snapclarity will do it all with the power of technology, which serves as a sure-footed path forward rooted in insight and propelled through innovation.

Terri strongly believes in helping people get better so they can reach their full potential and enjoy life. From first interactions with customers to planning the range of services offered, a fundamental passion for improving mental healthcare is at the heart of Snapclarity.

Terri did not want to just join the telehealth category. She wanted to disrupt and reshape the overall mental health landscape. To date, few competitors have prioritized mental healthcare across key segments with a technology solution. While services are available, they do not offer holistic solutions born from experience. Snapclarity has created a platform to address needs ranging from individuals and families to therapists, employers and brokers. The world is no longer dictated by proximity. There is limitless opportunity to connect people in meaningful relationships that suit their needs, preferences and lifestyle. Ultimately, Terri is committed to evolving the landscape and wants to collaborate and adapt to offer better treatment options and processes addressing mental healthcare needs.

The Solution

The Snapclarity innovation starts with an industry-leading mobile ready mental health assessment that instantly connects assessment findings with an immediate treatment plan. The platform delivers a near real-time validated mental health assessment including an expression of the risk level (low, medium, high) for the top 13 primary mental health concerns.

Snapclarity innovation starts with an industry-leading mobile ready mental health assessment that instantly connects assessment findings with an immediate treatment plan

For individuals, the platform offers a wide range of accessible care options based on empirically derived mental health data points. It delivers mobile-based self-help tools to support continued learning until the user’s next live interaction with their licensed therapists through text, talk or video. This impressive platform offers users the ability to share their assessment and treatment plan within their circle of healthcare providers. The platform will continue to engage them by proactively and electronically checking-in with them on areas identified as a potential risk during the initial assessment. This helps to determine how different approaches and treatments are working. One of the greatest advantages is that the platform offers more specific treatment options customized to users’ specific needs and risks in real time. It also provides immediate updates to their health hub and providers. This is helping to foster a more integrated and thoughtful care ecosystem.

For employers, Snapclarity creates an exciting opportunity to drive much needed change for their people. The statistics are staggering. The costs associated with mental healthcare are enormous, with Canadian firms spending $20.7 billion dollars annually. These expenditures are projected to exceed $30 billion by 2030. Every week, 500,000 Canadians miss a day of work due to mental health related concerns. Sadly, 88% of employees who need help do not receive proper care while limited access to proper treatment options is identified as the top barrier. Employers lack the tools and support to empower their people with effective treatment choices, and too often, they are settling for plans that do not meet the mental health needs of their employees. This has a detrimental effect on Canadian business. In fact, the economic cost of mental illness is estimated at $50 billion. Costs associated with loss of productivity are estimated at $6 billion. Read more about the costs associated with mental healthcare and how you can help from the Canadian Mental Health Association here.

Costs associated with loss of productivity are estimated at $6 billion.

Mental health employee benefits and programs are often activated or implemented when a person can no longer fully function due to anxiety or depression. Through Snapclarity, Terri is making mental health benefits more accessible, timely, effective and outcome-driven for organizations and employees. This platform offers a complete end-to-end solution that enables earlier screening, prevention and evidence-based intervention.

Snapclarity sets a new standard for comprehensive, practical, measurable digital workplace mental health management. With a strong data governance and privacy framework, Snapclarity gathers and processes data from users following a self-assessment and intelligently matches them to the recommended initial care. This ranges from self-care apps to digital coaches, on-demand healthcare teams to one-to-one engagements with a therapist. The Snapclarity health hub integrated this data using AI-based technologies and provides a digital coach to track a variety of user attributes and experiences including changes in mood, activity levels and sleep patterns. It also offers specific treatment options to help manage anxiety, stress PTSD, and addiction that can be therapist-assisted or self-learning.

Since its inception in 2017, Snapclarity has evolved to become the only proactive and preventative mental healthcare app in Canada for employers, employees and citizens. This integrated mental healthcare solution:

  1. Provides more rapid and timely access to mental healthcare options and professionals;
  2. Enables earlier identification of validated mental health risks; and
  3. Delivers facilitated access to a variety of online, easy-to-use tools that help mitigate mental risk, increase selfcare, and offer secure, on-demand virtual therapy that aligns with a user’s risk profile.
The Future of Well-Being

The Future of Well-Being

Mental health is a very real and raw and a topic that deserves honesty, authenticity and transparency. It is important to build a company founded on this vision that is empathetic and loyal to customers.

Through Snapclarity, Terri is revolutionizing how Canadians seek and receive mental health services. Her novel app merges technology with human connection, creating a highly accessible and impactful breakthrough solution for people around the world.

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Terri Storey

Terri Storey

CEO and Co-Founder of Snapclarity

Terri Storey is a leader and visionary in the field of mental health with more than 20 years of leadership expertise and experience. She is the CEO and Co-Founder of Snapclarity, which is revolutionizing the way mental healthcare is delivered and treated. Prior to Snapclarity, she founded Terrace Wellness Group, a company committed to improving and revolutionizing the way mental health is delivered by providing a broad range of therapeutic and integrated services for all ages.

As Ottawa’s 2014 Entrepreneur Businesswoman of the Year, and one of few women to launch and serve as CEO of a technology company, Terri is a passionate mentor for young entrepreneurs.

Snapclarity: Twitter | LinkedIn| Facebook

Terri Storey: Twitter | LinkedIn

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